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A way to fix your issue when Gmail Doesn't send your mail

Gmail is one of the most famous service developed by google. It is a free of cost advertising supported email . Users can access Gmail through web or even on their phones for the same purpose.

There are two major reasons for Gmail not sending emails which are listed below.

Gmail came up with a policy from p=’none’ to ‘reject’ that is any message sent using a gmail ID in the from address bar it will have to originate from gmail infrastructure. that means, if you are not sending from Gmail you can’t use a gmail address.

  • Google security system has blocked the IP of your server

Google secuirty has always proved to be tremendous if somebody gets a hand on your password that person won’t be able to use it until using your IP address. Google spots unusual interruption in ID’s and denys acces to it


In case you set up your site to send with your gmail account . In order to allow a new unrecognized got to a website and find the line that concern you

  • Host being blocked

If you are trying to send a mail and it doesn’t work rest assured that this is a very common problem. to verify go to MailPoets settings and then tap onto sending method and try to send a test with the send test mail message.If there is an error occurring still then this means the host has been blocking the port which is needed to connect to gmail SMTP server.


If blocked then you will have to switch sending method. Try sending a test mail to your own website. also keep in mind the limit of emails you can share from a hosting plan varies.

Also it can happen because of the following:

If you receive a message of error occurred your message wasn’t sent it indicated you have reached the gmail sending limit of the day. there is no such solution to the problem you will have to wait till gmail resets the email quota.


The message could also bounce if you have been sending too many mails at the same time so it is adviced to send mails at a certain interval.

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