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Google drive server encountered an error how to fix this issues

Google drive is an application developed by google for its user which offers a space to save your data,photographs ,files,contact,calendar etc. To use google drive a user has to create account on gmail and login inot google drive account and save the data you want to . It offers a space of 15 GB . At times there can be errors while accessing google drive and there can be errors .

Common Google Drive Errors And Solutions

1. General error: These are general application errors which fails the sync process . For such kind of errors you need to logout and login into your account and try again.


2. Temporary Error (502)’: This error is basically related to error which prompts that try accessing your files again in a few minutes;the solution to this error is to click on a different section of Google Drive to refresh the files.

3.The Google Drive server encountered an error’: this means the app is unable to connect to Google’s server. The solution to this error is retry to connect when prompted and update the version of google drive on your system


4. Google Drive has stopped working or quit with warning , update drivers of your operating system and google driver.

5. User is not able to sync the files to the reason could be the flie you saved says invalid google document . you will have to upload the same again and restart the app.


6. The file on the system is missing from google drive folder , login again after closing the app and restarting.

7 The recommended solution Google Drive errors are to tackle the problems but not recovering your lost data .thu are working on google drive and the application shuts down suddenly. Therefore it is recommended that user keeps another back up of the data and does not totally depend of the cloud storage


8. For further assistance you can contact the google support team on their official page .

9. For any further inquiry and support google drive customer service professional available 24 hour

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