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How do I sync my hotmail account to my iPhone?

Hotmail is a user-friendly email service having a strong client base. There are millions of users round the world and so the features are very flexible according to the requirement. The email account can be synced with all other email services or devices for instant notifications. New users or first time users of the Hotmail account or the iPhone might face trouble in setting up the email account on the device. This article will provide the relevant steps and in case of any also one can contact the support experts.

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Here are the steps to sync the Hotmail account with iPhone –

  • Open the iPhone and click on the ‘Settings’ opp.
  • Now within the settings scroll down and click on ‘iCloud’.
  • Select the option and in the next page enter the Apple ID & Password.
  • Once it is prompted to merge the data click on ‘Merge’. It is always recommended on click on the merge option and not to miss out on that.
  • Also set the location and click on ‘OK’.
  • Backup the data to the iCloud so that all the emails are saved at a secured location.

Facing the problem of Hotmail not syncing with iPhone? Contact the Hotmail technical support team to get the syncing or setup options. Best and easy options will be provided for the user device and within limited time the email account will be setup. Also, get solutions for other email troubles over the same number

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