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Is Google Chrome Not Connecting to the Internet? Google Chrome Support Can Help You!

If you are trying to use internet on google chrome, and it is not working, there are various options you can choose from to fix it. It happens at times that your other browsers like Internet Explorer or Mozilla is supporting internet but not chrome. Your computer screen would be showing this message, “Unable to connect to the Internet” (Error code: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET)

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This problem of internet not supporting on google chrome, could arise because of several reasons given below :

  1. Disabling LAN settings
  2. Malware attack
  3. Problem with the server or IP address
  4. Due to any gaming application
  5. Incorrect setting in chrome itself.


To fix this problem, you can call Google Chrome support phone number for quick assistance. You can specify your specific problem and they should help you out with it.


Other than this, you can try various other things on your own to fix this internet problem on Chrome.

● Disabling all the extensions.

● Disabling all virus handlers

● Clear stored cache files

● Reboot your computer

● Change proxy server for your LAN

● Resetting the chrome (Accounts logged in, passwords etc)

Also you can check out google chrome help center where thousands of user queries are answered by experts. You can reach there on Here depending on your query, you may be asked to reset your chrome, or delete and reinstall it again. Also, you can write your query there and google chrome help team would contact you in no time.


Google is known for it’s user friendly services. Their various helpline sources and experts will solve your query in no time.

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